KRUUSE Dental Mirror

Learn how to use the dental mirror and the importance
of this simple instrument

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KRUUSE Explorer and Measuring Probe

The periodontal probe is one of the most important instruments, but how do you use is correct? Get a close visual look and learn how to use the information you get out of the examination.


What is the difference between the measuring probe and the explorer? When do you use the explorer? Watch, listen and learn basic dentistry.

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When to use the hand scaler instead of or in combination with the ultrasonic scaler? You will also learn where and how to use the a scaler correctly. You will get good tips in this video

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KRUUSE Curette 

A curette can be used subgingival, but what is the right angle to the tooth when using the instrument? Learn how to use this vital and important instrument without harming the dental and surrounding tissue.

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Choosing the right handle 

Stubby or standard handle? What is the right size handle for your hand? You might not even know, there is a choice? Check out this simple way of finding the right size handle to improve your dentistry work and safety for the patients.

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Elevators og luxators in extractions 

What is the difference between an elevator and a luxator? When do you use the different instruments, and what are the different advantages?
How do you use them correctly for extractions, so you don´t harm the remaining tissue. Tips of what to take care about using the two
different instruments.

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KRUUSE luxators 

How do you use specifically the luxator in extractions? If you want to compare with the elevator, see the full video
of elevators and luxators above.

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KRUUSE Elevators 

How do you use specifically the elevator in extractions? If you want to compare with the luxator, see the full video of elevators and luxators above.

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KRUUSE Serrated luxators 

Now you know, what a luxators is, but what are the serrations for?
How may they help you in the extraction procedure? See good tips in this video of a special luxator, that you maybe didn´t know that much about

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Sharpening instruments 

How to sharpen instruments correctly is one of the most asked questions within handling instruments. We give you by this video a close up of angles and what to be specific about, when to sharpen an instrument.

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Ultrasonic Scaling

What is the difference between magneto restrictive and piezo scaling?
We show you the different moves of the tip, how much water is needed,
how to hold and work correct with the handle, when to change tip,
why it is important to change tip regularly. 


In here is about everything you need to know about ultrasonic scaling.

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KRUUSE High speed hand piece and lubrication 

How, where and when do I lubricate my hand pieces? Very simple, yet another often asked question. In this video, we give you answers to all your questions about lubricating the most common hand pieces.

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KRUUSE Bedi Shield Vet 

KRUUSE Bedi Shield vet is a unique and simple tool invented for protection of fingers during dental procedures and examination. By this video you will see, how it is used both by a professional veterinarian but also how regular dog owners can use it at home.


Once you start using it, you can´t imagine, how you could have done examinations without it.